Monday, September 28, 2009

What's up

We've been a busy group here. We had a great summer playing and visiting museums, schooling the kids and watching Isaac grow. What fun this little baby has been. Nate is doing very well. We started speech therapy this summer and got him into the child development center this Fall for school. He is in such a nurturing environment there and receives speech therapy once a week. We've already seen growth in the 2 short months he has been there. Just being in a different environment has really helped encourage more speech and vocalization.

We decided to keep the other kids home this year and give homeschooling a try again. So far so good. They were very excited to come home, I on the other hand was scared and very nervous. We decided to look back at our previous experience only to learn and really focus and the here and now. It's helping.

In the meantime we are giving serious prayer to another adoption. Here's hoping God will close doors if they need to be and give us peace and affirmation in His path.