Wednesday, April 7, 2010

IT'S A ...........

GIRL!!!!   Yep, we got matched.  Already!!!  We got an email last Friday saying they had a possible match for us.  We didn't get the email until late Friday and had to wait an agonizing 2 days to find out her information.  On Monday they sent her info. and we were in love.  We prayed on this decsion and today we let the agency know we would love to be this little girl's parents.  I... can'!!!

God is so good and gave us special confirmations along the way about this little one.  I prayed she would be in foster care but specifically prayed it would be New Day Foster Home and guess what, that's exactly where she is at.  Freaking out!  When we recieved this information I couldn't believe it.  Thank you dear Jesus!!!

What's next?  Well, we have to do it backwards from last time because we have so many children (awesome).  First we get matched...Check!   Then we ask CCAA if they think we would be a good enough family to raise this little girl.  If we are approved then we can start our dossier.  I'm guessing we will be able to get her in about 7-9 months.  I've been working on as many other little tid bits of paperwork already but the bulk, the dossier, will take about 4-5 mnths.

How wonderful it is we have her picture and can pray for our little girl by name (we have named her Camille Hope) and face!  God is so good!!

I'll post a pic after we are approved, I don't want to risk anything  by releasing information before we've been OK'd to do so.

Please keep our family and little Camille in your prayers.


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