Tuesday, April 27, 2010


We are into the thick of paperwork around here.  We have our pre-approval to adopt Camille from the CCAA and it only took 1 day!  I am amazed at how quickly everything is going so far, not at all like a typical adoption.  God is moving mountains for this little girl.  I have faith she is in good hands until we come and get her.

Tomorrow is our homestudy.  Our house has been sufficiently cleaned but I'm hoping the social worker doesn't look in any closets ; )  A few items had to be quicky tossed into the back of a closet until later.  Gotta love crisis cleaning!

My prayers for our sweet baby are that she knows how much we love her, that the dear Lord prepares her for this big crazy family and that he prepares us for her.  I'm specifically praying for attachment and bonding and if there are any issues that He will guide our hearts and our eyes to the help we need to help our girl.  I'm specifically praying for dear little Issac, our baby of the family now.  He and Camille are 3mnths apart and it is not easy to be booted out of the baby role.  I pray that God helps ease that transition for him.  I also pray He eases the transition for our youngest girl, Helena.  She is 6 and for 6yrs she's had the role of the baby girl.  Hard for the kids but they always do so well when we welcome a new little one into the mix.

I thank you dear Father for your many blessings.

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  1. Kate,
    I love how you write, your honest, your faith and your humor and I am so proud of you and Bob and your family. I am also so grateful and blessed to be a part of your life. We both feel that way! M