Saturday, June 5, 2010

Time to introduce our little girl

                                               Camille Hope

Isn't she cute!  We are in love with this little girl.  We finally have the stamp of approval from our adoption agency so I feel safe to introduce our newest little angel.  We are so happy and so relieved to get the go-ahead.  God is good and this time of wait and testing has been another great lesson of faith in Him.

Camille is currently 1yr. 1mnth. and we get monthly updates on her from New Day.  She recently had chicken pox so we can mark that off the immunization list and she calls her nannies "Auntie."  Not sure if that's in Chinese or English.  We are so thankful she is at New Day and is obviously loved and cared for there.  It makes the wait for her that much more bearable.

Currently we are finishing up some loose ends on our paper work and then in about 2-3 months our dossier should be complete.  We are still hoping that we can travel around November, hopefully sooner but hard to tell.  God has done some amazing things for us with this adoption so it is all in His time.  In the meantime we are sending off her first care package complete with a Ni  Hao Kai-Lan doll, cute summer outfits, bubbles and candy for all of the kids and nannies.  Hard to cram all of that into a shoe box.  She will be sharing a room with our oldest, Grace(10), so we need to get that all situated.  Time for another crib as our baby still is in his, possibly another high chair, definitely more cute girl clothes, and  we need to figure out a Chinese middle name.  I cannot believe how blessed we are!

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    Congratulations on your new daughter, what a blessing :)
    My sister's son was cared for at New Day... Camille is in very loving hands!!