Friday, July 9, 2010

Busy, Busy, Busy

We have been soooo busy around these parts lately.  I'll try to quickly give the low down on what's up:

* our home study STILL is not done!  We have been so patient but our social worker came either March  or April, I can't even remember it was so long ago, and we are still waiting on it.  Bob e-mailed her and she said, "a couple more days."  That was 4 days ago.  Patience!

* we are coming to the reality that we probably won't have Camille until possibly March of next year.  God can do anything so maybe sooner but we need to prepare our hearts for a longer wait.

* we have been busy with swimming, soccer and dance workshops.  The kids are lucky to have such great opportunities in our community.

*Nate has been to see a geneticist.  He is really tired most of the time and gets great sleep.  Sometimes cleft l/p can occur in a syndrome with heart issues.  His growth hormone levels were low too so we need to investigate further.

*we have seen a slight improvement in Nate's behavior but he is still really struggling.  It's nice to have perspective now.  We can look back on his behavior from last summer and see how hard he(we)  has/have worked.

*we are having our house painted in a few weeks and still have a bit of remodeling that needs to be finished.

*planning curriculum and teaching goals for the kids for next school year.  Really loving the Charlotte Mason approach and trying to see how that fits with my personality and needs at this point.

*going on vacation TODAY to Mnt. Rushmore!  Fun fun!!

Thankful for my parents and their help to our busy family.

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