Thursday, March 19, 2009

Snappin Back

So here I sit, 2 months after having Isaac, and I'm still wearing my maternity pants and it ain't because I love 'em. The old bod is just not snappin back like it used to. I guess that's what 5 pregnancies will do to you not to mention that I'm a wee bit older than I was with my first! I've actually lost all of the weight plus a pound or two but my muscle and bone structure still needs to find its way back home. I hope it does soon because I'm getting really tired of the same old pants .

As for working out, I just can't seem to get in the groove lately. It really is because I'm too tired from being up all night nursing my little nursling( love that baby) and I know from previous experiences that if I push myself and am not patient I will crash and burn. So now I am focusing on enjoying the moment and not stressing too much that I will have to don a swimsuit in say 2 months and take the kiddos to the pool. Scary. You'll be o.k. repeat, you'll be o.k.

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