Tuesday, March 17, 2009


For me as a mom trust is a hard thing. I especially have a hard time trusting other people with my children. I look at other mommies and they seem to have no problem sending their kids off, willy nilly with other parents, in their cars, at their homes. Do they worry about the same things I do, what will they watch on tv, will they see a movie that we wouldn't approve of, will they be on the internet, will they see people treating each other meanly in the home? I know this stems from my experiences as a child, many not good at all, and I want to protect my kids from all of those terrible things I was exposed to.

We spend so much time protecting their innocence. We guard their little hearts as best we can because we take very seriously the job/gift of parenting that God has given us. We want to raise His children to the best of our abilities and guide them the way He wants them to go. We pray the St. Michael prayer over them every night and God knows what they will be exposed to, but we still have to be vigilant in protecting our children and pray that they will bring to us the times their innocence has been bruised and we will help them through it.

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