Monday, March 16, 2009

I'm tired

This sweet baby, Isaac, is our newest addition. He's 10 wks old today. I love him so much and could look at his sweet face all day. Apparently he loves me a lot too and could look at my tired face all day, and night too. I'm tired! Tired I tell ya! We do many things pretty well as parents, don't ask me to name them because I'm too tired to, but getting our babies to sleep at night is not one of them. It seems like at about a year to a year and a half we seem to get it figured out but by then I'm a total wreck, like check me into the nut house, sick to the core, crazed mess! We have all heard the saying, "if mama aint happy nobody is happy" and that is the TRUTH! So while I was busy being pregnant, managing the chaos of 5 kiddos not to mention a newly adopted son and his 3 cleft, ear tube surgeries I decided by golly when this baby came I would indeed get him to sleep through the night.

Here we are at 2 mnths and no sleepy through the nighty yet, aaarrgghhh!

O.k. here's my latest plan of attack for this conundrum as advised be the book Baby Wise; nurse, play, sleep, up to nurse again 2 hrs. after the beginning of the first feeding. I have never been a big fan of scheduling out a baby but man o man I need a little order here. A couple of things come into play, I hold him until he is drowsy then put him down not yet fully asleep so that he can learn the skill of self soothing. I will try to limit the use of the pacifier because he will become even more dependant on it for sleep. I will limit the use of the swing as seen in the picture below. I will keep a positive attitude and probably should cut out the coffee and chocolate (crying softly to self). Wish me luck. I'll update on the progress(see how positive I'm being) in a week.

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